Wellcamp Stud, renowned for its exceptional cattle breeding practices, recently hosted its highly anticipated annual bull sale. The event garnered widespread attention within the farming community, and the results did not disappoint. With many return clients in attendance, the sale showcased the stud’s commitment to excellence and its reputation for producing top-quality bulls. In this blog post, we delve into the highlights of the 2023 Wellcamp Stud bull sale and celebrate the success of their top price lots.


Top Price Lots

The 2023 bull sale saw three outstanding lots commanding impressive prices, highlighting the trust and appreciation clients have for Welcome Stud’s breeding program.


1. Lot 148 – Wellcamp Sutton: Sold for $23,000 to Bill and Julie Lewis from Monto

Wellcamp Sutton stole the show, commanding the highest price of the day. The exceptional bull, carefully bred and raised at Welcome Stud, caught the attention of Bill and Julie Lewis from Monto, who recognized its potential and secured it for $23,000. Such a remarkable sale price speaks volumes about the bull’s superior genetics and its prospects in contributing positively to the buyers’ herds.


2. Lot 147 – Wellcamp Silas: Sold for $16,000 to Elgin and Helen Perrett of Elgin Vale

The bidding frenzy continued with Lot 147, Wellcamp Silas. With its robust build and impressive lineage, this bull generated significant interest among prospective buyers. Ultimately, Elgin and Helen Perrett of Elgin Vale managed to secure this prized bull for $16,000, a testament to their confidence in its ability to enhance their breeding program.


3. Lots 150 and 153 – Wellcamp Spencer and Wellcamp Stephen: Sold for $15,000 each to the Callander Family from Sarina

The Callander Family from Sarina made an astute investment in their herd by acquiring two exceptional bulls from Welcome Stud. Lots 150 and 153, namely Wellcamp Spencer and Wellcamp Stephen, were both sold for $15,000 each. These bulls come from excellent bloodlines and exhibit the characteristics that align perfectly with the Callander Family’s breeding goals.


The Significance of Return Clients

One of the most striking aspects of the 2023 Wellcamp Stud bull sale was the presence of numerous return clients. These individuals and families have previously purchased bulls from the stud and have returned to further strengthen their herds with Wellcamp Stud’s superior genetics.

The loyalty of return clients is a testament to Wellcamp Stud’s consistency in producing exceptional cattle. It reflects not only the quality of the animals but also the stud’s commitment to providing exceptional service and support to their clients. Building and maintaining strong relationships with their customers have been key factors in the stud’s long-standing success.


Wellcamp Stud’s 2023 bull sale was an overwhelming success, with outstanding prices achieved for the top lots and the presence of numerous return clients. The high demand for these top-quality bulls illustrates the stud’s dedication to maintaining excellence in its breeding program. Congratulations to Wellcamp Stud on their achievements, and a special shout-out to the new owners of the top price lots – Bill and Julie Lewis, Elgin and Helen Perrett, and the Callander Family. As these bulls integrate into their respective herds, the future looks promising for enhanced genetic traits and superior cattle production in their farms.

If you missed this year’s sale, keep an eye out for Wellcamp Stud’s future events, as their commitment to producing top-quality bulls is a tradition that continues to benefit farmers across the country. Whether you are an experienced cattle producer or someone new to the industry, Welcome Stud offers the opportunity to improve your breeding program and elevate your cattle operation to new heights.