This past Friday, our dedication to quality and commitment to the Charbray breed bore fruit at our annual bull sale. The results, to say the least, were outstanding.


A Legacy Rooted in Passion for the Charbray Breed


At Wellcamp Stud, our journey with the Charbray breed is not just about rearing cattle. It’s a passion to refine, evolve, and elevate the quality of this remarkable breed. Through years of meticulous breeding and rigorous selection, we’ve worked tirelessly to infuse our herd with superior carcase qualities. But our quest for perfection doesn’t stop there. In line with evolving market demands and a commitment to genetic excellence, we’ve recently woven polled genetics into our breeding program.


Spotlight on the Sale’s Top Performers


Our sale was marked by some spectacular figures and sales. The buzz and energy were palpable as bidding wars ensued and records tumbled:


Lot 148 Wellcamp Sutton:



The star of the day was Wellcamp Sutton, which fetched a staggering $23,000. The lucky new owners are Bill and Julie Lewis from Monto. We have no doubt that Sutton will be a valued addition to their herd.


Lot 147 Wellcamp Silas:



Elgin and Helen Perrett of Elgin Vale cast the winning bid for Wellcamp Silas at an impressive $16,000. Silas, with his robust genetic traits, promises to elevate any breeding program he becomes a part of.


Lot 150 Wellcamp Spencer & Lot 153 Wellcamp Stephen:



The Callander Family from Sarina made a double victory, securing both Spencer and Stephen for $15,000 each. Their astute eye for quality and the value they see in our bulls is truly heartening.


Return Clients Signal Trust and Satisfaction


One of the most gratifying aspects of this sale was seeing the number of returning clients. Their continued faith in our breeding program and the consistent results we deliver stands testament to the value and quality that Wellcamp Stud represents. We are humbled by the overwhelming response and are driven to set the bar even higher in the years to come.


This year’s annual bull sale was more than just a commercial success. It was a validation of our breeding philosophy, our commitment to the Charbray breed, and the relentless pursuit of excellence that defines Wellcamp Stud. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our buyers and well-wishers. Here’s to more milestones and breeding triumphs in the future!


For more updates on our breeding programs and upcoming events, stay tuned to the Wellcamp Stud blog. And remember, when it comes to top-quality Charbray, think Wellcamp Stud.