At Wellcamp Stud, we take immense pride in the positive feedback and testimonials we receive from our valued customers. Today, we want to celebrate the testimonial of Ashlyn and Cathy Hoare, who have experienced remarkable success with our Wellcamp bulls on their brigalow country in Central Queensland. Their testimonial serves as a testament to the quality, adaptability, and exceptional performance of our bulls and their offspring.

Growing Impressive Bulls for Challenging Conditions:

Ashlyn and Cathy Hoare’s experience with Wellcamp bulls on their Central Queensland property highlights the bulls’ ability to thrive in demanding environments. Our bulls are carefully bred and selected to excel in various conditions, including the dry conditions often encountered in the region. The Hoares’ observation of the Wellcamp bulls growing into impressively sized individuals underscores their genetic potential and ability to adapt to the challenging brigalow country. This adaptability is crucial for the long-term success of any cattle operation, as it ensures that the bulls can handle the conditions and continue to perform at their best.

Consistent Calving and Exceptional Offspring:

One of the key aspects that Ashlyn and Cathy Hoare appreciate about the Wellcamp bulls is their proven track record of consistent calving. As they leave their bulls in, they have experienced year-round calving—a testament to the bulls’ superior fertility and breeding capabilities. This reliability in calving provides a significant advantage in managing and planning for a productive breeding program. When the Wellcamp bulls are paired with Charbray and Brahman cross cows, the results are outstanding. The calves born from this pairing consistently stand out, showcasing the unmistakable traits inherited from their Curtis bull lineage. This visual distinction speaks volumes about the consistent quality and genetic influence of the Wellcamp bulls.

Superior Growth, Weight for Age, and Temperament:

Ashlyn and Cathy Hoare have been particularly impressed with the growth and weight for age of the Wellcamp bull calves. Compared to other weaners, the calves sired by the Curtis bulls have an additional 20+ kilograms, demonstrating the impact of superior genetics on growth and development. The Hoares have not encountered any issues with the temperament of the bulls or their progeny. A docile temperament is crucial for ease of handling and overall herd management. The fact that the Wellcamp bulls consistently exhibit good temperament reflects our commitment to breeding animals with not only exceptional performance but also favourable behavioural traits.

The testimonial Ashlyn and Cathy Hoare shared showcases the outstanding performance and undeniable quality of Wellcamp bulls in Central Queensland. Their experience with our bulls, from their impressive growth to consistent calving and standout calves, speaks volumes about the genetic excellence and adaptability of our breeding program. We are grateful for their trust in our bulls and for sharing their positive experiences. At Wellcamp Stud, we remain committed to producing bulls that exceed expectations, enhance productivity, and contribute to the success of our customers’ cattle operations. If you’re seeking bulls that excel in performance and adaptability, we invite you to explore the Wellcamp difference and experience the benefits firsthand.