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Wellcamp Stud Charbrays

Wellcamp Stud is a family owned and operated cattle breeding business. 

We aim to breed Charbray cattle that will increase weight gain in weaners to the top end of the market of breeding potential stud sires.

All Wellcamp cattle are stringently assessed for the required attributes: temperament, structural soundness, fertility, weight gain and finishing ability. The focus is on “quality not quantity” when selecting animals to retain in our herd.


Quality & Care

With a focus on genetic purity, our goal is to develop high-quality Wellcamp Stud Charbray that are free of genetically inherited diseases and have a sound build.

We meet industry requirements and community expectations, particularly those related to safety and the environment.

The wellbeing of our animals and family are essential to the success of our business. We are dedicated to providing a low stress, safe, healthy and productive environment for our animals and family members.


Annual Bull Sales

We offer a high quality selection of Charbray bulls each year that we believe are suited to the commercial and stud markets of our clients.


Anthony and Kylee Curtis
“Scottland Downs”
Lienassie Road
Lundavra, QLD, 4390

Quick Contact

T: Anthony 0417 600 284
House: (07) 4676 4183
Email: kylee.curtis@bigpond.com